About us

Too manny times we had seen how demand for higher profit downgraded product quality and reputation of company. In this time of supply and demand there is endless supply of cheap low quality products that are flodding the market. We are the alternative. We will mantain quality and not compete with prices with inferior products. We are investing in our reputation and it is not for sale. You can count on us to meet what is claimed on the product label.

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Close group of customers

We are privately owned and operated company with a goal of supplieing selected group of customers. We will not expand the range of our retailers.

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Expanding the product range

We will constantely strive to increse quality of our products and to expand the product range with the new products for our customer satisfaction.

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Quality before quantity

Great deal of attention is paid for quality control an mass production is not our primary goal. Our imperative is achieveing the best quality product.

Knowledge fundation

We have emerged as a branch from a large production and we are using knowhow geathered in years working for manny well known companies. Direct dispensery is final step in our evolution as worker for others to owning our own brand. We are maybe new as a brand but we have been here for a long time.